Supernatural Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Villains

Not even the Winchester brothers can score 100% on this Supernatural villains quiz.

Supernatural Abaddon
The CW

The journey of two selfless hunters with dad issues and a burden of saving the world started 15 years ago. Since then, Dean and Sam Winchester became a part of every fan’s family. But, honestly, besides the attractive brothers, there were other sophisticated characters that had their time in the spotlight over the course of the seasons. The greatest antagonists of the show such as Lucifer, with his narcissistic personality disorder or Michael with his alternative versions.

As the series moved on, various minor and major villains came and went, turning the universe upside down and screwing with the naive, yet warlike Winchesters. But what really knocked the fans’ socks off was that even the main heroes played the role of the antagonist at some point, creating a whole new character, such as surprisingly soulless Sam, splendid Demon Dean or confused Castiel with his Godlike powers.

Well, we are pretty positive that no matter whether they were vicious antagonists or altruistic protagonists, you still loved them. What we put into question here is whether you can name all the villains you encountered within the absorbing 15 seasons of Supernatural.

Take the quiz and find out.

1. Who Is This?


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