Supernatural Quiz: Can You Match The Creature To The Episode They Appeared In?

Can you pass this quiz without Sam and Dean's help?

Supernatural Rakshasa
The CW

The simple concept of the storyline of the lavish extravaganza that is Supernatural was a fantasy- horror palette of countless colours and Eric Kripke used all of them. We owe the fifteen glorious years of the legendary Winchester brothers to his genius.

Sam and Dean had endless opportunities to show their courage, abnegation and devotion to the family business - saving people, hunting things - especially when the market was full of paranormal creatures - monsters, vampires, wendigos, hellhounds, ghouls. Boy, the list can go on and on!

The diversity of urban legends, their symbolism, and their roots forced Kripke to make up a new adventure for the hunters for each episode. Sam and Dean fought all the paranormal forces with honour. Get that Chuck!

Well, let's see how well you remember the creatures that Sam and Dean fought with the help of their dad's journal, Bobby, Cass and the Wayward sisters. Sometimes even Crowley and Rowena took part in the holy mission.

Can you match the supernatural being to the episode they appeared in?

1. Crocotta


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