Supernatural Quiz: Complete These Castiel Quotes

Only those who share a special bond with Cass will score 100% on this quiz!

Supernatural Castiel
The CW

The rebellious angel, the guy in a beige trench coat, had the most epic character entrance in the history of Supernatural. Powerful, mysterious and a little pretentious. And all for Dean. Castiel loved Sam and Dean more than he loved Heaven. He remained loyal to the Winchester family despite all the mocking he got from Crowley, angels and Lucifer.

The Angel of Thursday knew that he picked the right side, even if it meant sacrificing his reputation and status. Sam and Dean taught Castiel to see the meaning of the world, the importance of saving people. He started to understand that at the end of the day human emotions and feelings matter and they cannot be subordinated to universal rules or divine predictions. Especially when the creator of the divine turned out to be a narcissistic and self-absorbed moron. Sorry, Chuck!

After his final sacrifice and heartbreaking words of goodbye, all we can do is remember Castiel’s best moments and try to complete his quotes. Are you up for the challenge? Let's see how you score on this Supernatural quiz!

1. "I'll Interrogate The ____."


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