Supernatural Quiz: Demon, Witch Or Human?

Killing things that need killing, it's kind of the Winchester brothers' job.

Supernatural Rowena
The CW

Mythical creatures and supernatural beings and where to find them. Of course, in 327 unzipped episodes of one of the most remarkable drama-slash-comedy-slash-horror-slash-fantasy-slash-triller-slash-detective-slash-adventure TV series of all the time, Supernatural.

Once upon a time there were two brothers, named Sam and Dean. They had a loving mother and a brave father and a guardian angel, named Castiel. Dean’s favourite activity was driving the Impala with dad, Sam’s favourite activity was napping. They had a beautiful life until one day a demon with yellow eyes burned their mother on the ceiling of Sam’s room.

After that, their father became obsessed with revenge. So, the boys grew up hunting monsters, like vampires, werewolves, even Satan. Castiel was there to help boys and to make them laugh. That silly angel never understood any pop culture references. Before long, the boys lost their father and they too would go on to die many times.

This Winchester bedtime story pretty much covers the whole plot of Supernatural, but the leaven of the series were, of course, the well developed paranormal creatures, requiring a unique way of killing. Well, let’s start with the less complicated ones. Can you remember which of these characters were demons, and witches and which were humans, fighting them.

1. Rowena


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