Supernatural Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Dean Winchester's Relatives?

Can you help Dean to build the Winchester Family Tree?

Mary Winchester Supernatural 9
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Dean Winchester is a perfect example of a family man. Although he couldn’t really have a normal life, settle down and be a parent and a husband due to the "family business", he managed to do a little parenting for his brother, Sam and Lucifer’s son, Jack.

Carrying the mission of saving the world on his shoulder, the courageous hunter always put family values above everything. That sometimes meant shutting down his own feelings and desires. Devoted to the family name Winchester, altruist Dean did everything to uphold family traditions, even if one of them was soul trading to a demon in exchange for a beloved family member.

During the long ride, Dean met his ancestors, grandparents and even time travelled to see young Mary and John Winchesters. His bond with almost every relative was special. However, some of them did not share common values with the stubborn Dean, so he ended up killing them. Poor Cain and Gwen. You got a little taste of Soldier of Heaven.

It’s time to see if you can picture the Winchester family tree and answer the following fifteen questions without running a DNA test.

1. Henry


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