Supernatural Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Very First Episode?

Test your Supernatural skills in this quiz about the first ever episode!

Supernatural Sam And Dean Winchester
The CW

To the dismay of countless fans around the world, Supernatural has finally ended. To the dismay of many others, it carried on past season five, up until the bizarre, confusing and utterly disappointing finale.

Whatever a fan's relationship was with the show by its fateful end, there is one, universally agreed upon positive of the show: the pilot. Rewatching the pilot brings forth a miasma of nostalgia, a wave of warm memories that crash over you.

If you, like many of the show's fans, have been inspired by season 15's lacklustre ending to go back and bask in the glow of early Supernatural, perhaps you have also seen the Pilot recently.

It's a great time. We're back to monster of the week shenanigans, a scorned ghost, and innocent, clean shaven Winchester boys who have not yet died and returned twice in a series. There also haven't been any lovestruck angels, evil demons or hastily forgotten plotlines.

In this episode, all you have to worry about is Sam, Dean, their quest to find their Dad and some spooky spectres. Well, that's all you have to worry about unless you want to test your Supernatural skills in our quiz about the very first episode.

1. What Meal Does Dean Use To Establish How Long His Dad Has Been Away From The Motel Room?


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