Supernatural Quiz: In Which Episode Did It Happen?

Only a true SPN episode guide can help you through this episodes quiz...

Supernatural The Gamblers
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Every Supernatural episode is full of epic moments and unexpected twists and turns. With each paranormal case solved by the Winchester brothers got them one step closer to cracking the sophisticated puzzle of universe created by the almighty God and a schizophrenic writer, Chuck.

The story of revenge and world saving began with the disappearance of Sir. John Winchester. In fear of losing their father, Sam and Dean temporarily reunited. Well, that’s what they thought at first. Little did they know that from their epic moonlight fight and Dean’s opening line “Easy Tiger” was a start of a new era. Era of monsters, demons and angels.

Every Supernatural character had his epic time on screen. Castiel’s claim to fame came from his iconic entrance, while Crowley was introduced to the audience on a demon deal that involved him kissing an old businessman. But Erik Kripke is a man of many colours. He mixed up the breathtaking character introductions, apocalyptic events with bright and funny moments. Like manly Dean wearing a purple nightgown you might say.

Surely, many good and bad, funny and sad moments happened during the 15 seasons of Supernatural. But can you remember exactly what episode these events happened in? Let's find out!

1. Sam Killed Madison.


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