Supernatural Quiz: Match The Character To The Actor

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Supernatural Rowena Dean
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Eric Kripke and the cast and crew of binge-worthy horror series Supernatural shared a huge media success. The rich storyline of the show made fans stick with this genre juggernaut for a whopping 15 seasons, in turn creating a giant fandom and family amongst those who hold this show so close to their hearts.

After one of the hardest goodbyes a fanbase has ever said to a series, the Supernatural conventions continue their triumphant campaign to keep the mystic show's addicts paranormally happy and entertained. However, said conventions are not only for the fans, they are also for the stars of Supernatural. It’s a safe place to reunite, have some fun and, of course, let their walls come down for memories and ​nostalgia.

So, let’s see if you remember the actors behind iconic characters like Dean and Sam Winchesters, mischievous Crowley and Rowena, charming Castiel, and others. After appearing on screens for almost 15 years , the majority of their names must have been imprinted on your mind as an SPN family member, which should help you score full marks on this character/actor match quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. Dean Winchester


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