Supernatural Quiz: Match The Character To The Episode They Appeared In

Surely they deserved more screen time?

Supernatural Andrea Barr
The CW

Eric Kripke gradually prepared the fans of the Supernatural universe for its big finale. The Winchesters beat the psycho-God of their world fair and square and embraced the peace they deserved. Fans were of course content to see Sam and Dean reunite in Heaven, but the idea of Supernatural ending was hard to handle. The good news is that the legendary fantasy show’s prequel is set to air very soon.

The Winchesters will focus on young Mary and John but whether the show is going to use some sort of time travel techniques to make Sam and Dean appear on the new series, remains unknown. What we do know for a fact however is that Jensen Ackles a.k.a Dean Winchester will narrate the show! Fans also hope to see some recurring characters like Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle and her mother appear in the prequel. But enough about the good characters. Let’s talk evil!

The vast majority of paranormal creatures existed long before the birth of the Winchester brothers, according to John’s journal anyway. And the question we have for fans today is, can you remember in which episode we got to meet them for the very first time? Let’s see how well you remember them and the SPN episodes they appeared in.

1. Cassie Robinson


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