Supernatural Quiz: Who Am I?

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

The CW

After 15 long-lasting seasons, heartbreaking moments and the constant war between the good and the evil, Heaven and Hell, it seems that Supernatural is coming to its logical end. No matter how the storyline culminates, the show will certainly remain in the history of American television, while the beloved characters will stay in our hearts forever.

The story of the Winchester brothers and their epic journey gets more interesting as the series moves on. The audience gets acquainted with monsters, vampires, demons, angels, archangels and other mythical creatures, and even meets God during the course of the show. These complex characters haven’t failed to spice up the series with their sarcasm, arrogance, ambitions and desires.

In fact, no one can imagine Supernatural without Crowley’s nicknames for the boys, Castiel’s incapacity of understanding Dean’s references or Lucifer’s frightening narcissistic personality disorder. We can continue this list forever, but let’s leave something for the quiz and find out whether you can tell all these heroes apart from just one simple fact.

1. I Suffer From Coulrophobia, The Fear Of Clowns.


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