Supernatural Quiz: Who Did Dean Winchester Say It To - Sam Or Castiel?

How well do you remember Dean's dialogue?

Supernatural Dean Winchester
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Audiences had the privilege of following the fiercely loyal hunter, Dean Winchester's journey for fifteen incredible year. He was destined to save the world and create new rules for the universe, Hell and Heaven. The road of the righteous man was full of ghosts, vampires, zombies and other paranormal creatures.

Dean wasn't alone in this uneven fight. He had his soft hearted, yet strong brother Sam by his side and history proved that they were stronger together than they were apart. So Sam, maybe you can graduate from Stanford in your next life? Eric Kripke prepared hell of a journey for you and your brother. Of course, the hunter’s trip got wild when Castiel, the naive Angel of Thursday joined the ride.

Supernatural's best dialogues involved these three Team Free Will members, and the most sarcastic lines and quotes belonged to Dean-o, who never missed a chance to make fun of Sam and Cass. Well, let's look through some lines of Dean Winchester and guess who is the target of his sharp words - was it Sammy or Cassie?

1. "We're Humans. And When Humans Want Something, Really, Really Bad... We Lie."


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