Supernatural Quiz: Who Gave Dean Winchester These Nicknames?

Do you know all the nicknames given to the righteous man, Dean Winchester?

Supernatural Dean
The CW

Only a show about supernatural beings could last for an incredible 15 seasons.

The eccentric combination of drama, fantasy and fiction, what's not to like? Not to mention the humour from the infamous Winchester brothers. Funny dialogues, cruel sarcasm and a little chit chat while cycling around the US and fighting ghosts and other paranormal creatures.

How did Erick Kripke and the cast jump from genre to genre, keeping the storyline on track for 15 seasons? Easy - using sarcasm, funny references and cool music. It's no secret that the Winchester brothers used cool nicknames to withdraw from their true identities. But was that all? Of course not.

During the show, all the characters came up with typical nicknames for one another. Especially for Dean Winchester, one of the most sophisticated characters of the series. His unique personality gave rise to hilarious jokes and nicknames, sometimes lovable, sometimes a little hurtful.

It's time to see just how big of a fan you are. Can you identify who stands behind these exclusive Dean Winchester nicknames?

Answers at the end!

1. Mud Monkey


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