Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It - Dean Or Sam?

"They call us in to answer the questions of mouth-breathing dick monkeys."

The CW

As Supernatural readies itself to finally wrap up the antics of the Winchester brothers with a fifteenth and final season this October, the series’ plentiful fans have got a whole host of fantastic episodes, adventures, and anecdotes to look back on.

To say that Supernatural is a phenomenon is likely a major understatement, with the show having amassed a monstrous fan base across the globe. And key to that ginormous fan base, of course, is the presence of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki at the centre of the show as Dean and Sam Winchester.

Fans have been taken on quite the rollercoaster ride with Dean and Sam over the past fourteen seasons, with a slew of various delightful demons and satanic sorts rearing their heads to battle the brothers Winchester. But despite the oft-heavy consequences on the line, that’s never particularly stopped Dean and Sam from quipping wise or serving up memorable lines in the midst of battle.

How well do you remember those lines of dialogue, though? Here, we’ve pulled a bunch of Supernatural quotes – all you have to do is correctly identify whether it was Dean or Sam who spouted each of these lines.

Answers at the end!

1. You Mind Doing A Little Bit Of Thinking With Your Upstairs Brain?


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