Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It - Jensen Ackles Or Jared Padalecki?

Was it the actor who portrayed Dean Winchester or the one who played his brother Sammy?

Supernatural Dean Sam
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The year 2020 put an end to the long and exhausting fight against all kinds of evil that stumbled upon the Winchester brothers road. The fans of the one of the most popular mystery based TV series left with nothing but memories of cool battles and an enormous amount of knowledge on ancient symbols, gods and rituals.

But the finale of the show and even the almighty God slash writer Chuck was unable to come between the solid fandom that was created throughout the 15 years around the Winchester brotherhood both on and off the screen.

Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester’s on-screen chemistry is what made the show last 15 years, taking the actors’ relationship to the next level. From colleagues to friends, from friends to brothers, the Ackles-Padalecki bond continues to thrive.

The lines of sarcastically charming Dean and intelligently funny Sam have been recruited from the show’s release all the way until its tragic end. Knowing the talented actors behind these characters and participating in at least one of their conventions, you should be able to identify which actors said these lines during their interviews.

Do you think you know Jensen better than you know Dean and Jared better than Sam? Well, buzz in.

Answers at the end!

1. “Don’t Underestimate Your Own Strength."


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