Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It – Sam Or Dean?

Who said these famous Supernatural quotes - was it Sam Winchester or his big brother Dean?

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For year after year, it felt as if we were gearing up for the final season of The CW’s Supernatural. But year after year, the show would end up renewed for another season or two.

Last year, though, after an insane 15 seasons, Supernatural finally came to a close.

During those 15 seasons, the adventures of Jared Padalecki’s Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester cemented these brothers amongst the all-time great genre TV characters, with their demon-battling, urban legend-hunting ways making the Winchesters and their supporting players major favourites of so many.

Of course, these two brothers spent much of those 15 years so often joined at the hip, but how well do you remember the dialogue of this pair? Hopefully well, for here’s a quiz that will put even the biggest of Supernatural fans to the test. And given just how passionate and knowledgeable so many Supernatural fans are – or at least claim to be! – that’s quite the bold statement.

With that in mind, then, it’s time to see if you can correctly identify who said each of the following lines of Supernatural dialogue – was it Sam Winchester or was it his big brother Dean?

1. “Hey. You Know Who Wears Sunglasses Inside? Blind People. And Douchebags.”


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