Supernatural Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Dean Winchester Fill In The Gaps Quiz

Oh sweetheart, Dean Winchester doesn't do shorts!

Supernatural Dean
The CW

His name is Dean Winchester. He is an Aquarius, he enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. And he did not kill anyone. But he knows who did. Or rather "what" did. Of course, it can't be for sure, because their investigation was interrupted. But their working theory is that they are looking for some kind of Vengeful Spirit.

Well, actually he is not only Dean Winchester, he’s also Batman and, of course, he killed someone. That someone would be Adolf Hitler. Arguably, this entitles him to free drinks and pies for the rest of his life. We wonder whether he got those t-shirts made as he planned.

Thoroughly created by genius Eric Kripke, and brilliantly portrayed by talented Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester gave the audience a non-traditional role model of hero - a little mischievous and immature, yet courageous and selfless. This tough guy from Kansas spiced up the Great American Road Trip with his sarcastic comments, epic one-liners and classic references.

Let’s just see how well you know the “must remember” quotes of the righteous man. Ace this quiz and deserve some pie.

Answers at the end!

1. "In Fact, I Hear That They Ride On Silver Moonbeams, And They Shoot ____ Out Of Their Ass!”


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