Supernatural Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Sam Winchester Fill In The Gaps Quiz

How well do you remember the Cinderella of Supernatural?

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When it comes to Supernatural's Gigantor, the little brother Sam Winchester and many cartoon references spring to mind: Moose, Cinderella and even Rapunzel. Well, the last nickname he earned, for his magnificent hair. Seriously, how did he do it? No matter how much Dean mocked him for his hair and beard, Sam stood strong and confident. Why wouldn't he?

During one of Supernatural conventions, Jensen Ackles portraying manish Dean Winchester confessed: "I really just feel ashamed of, uh, of Sam. You know, I mean he’s... it’s like, cut the hair dude… you’re a hunter. It’s just getting in the way, you know? You don’t see military guys walking around with Justin Bieber hair, do you?".

All jokes aside, Sam was a legendary hunter and a loyal brother. Being the younger brother of the iconic hunter and a role model Dean Winchester wasn't easy, hunting behind his shadow every step of the way. Somehow he did though, killing several antagonists and even saving the world.

His soul survived hell. He lost his shoe. This is what made his character so complex and lovable. The nerdy princess living in a strong man's body .

Well, let's just see how well you remember Samuel. Can you complete the following quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. “You Mind Doing A Little Bit Of Thinking With ____, Dean?”


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