Supernatural Quiz: You'll Never Get 100% On This Mary Winchester Quiz

Supernatural may be over, but Mary Winchester is still kicking down heaven's door.

Supernatural Mary Winchester
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The short-lived matriarch of the Winchester clan, Mary Winchester died a shocking and bloody death before the events of season one, being cut up and burned alive by ol' yellow eyes - one of the Princes of Hell. But it's Supernatural, and nobody important stays dead forever.

Whether by time travel, where the boys play detective alongside her in her youth; or resurrection at the hands of God's sister, which brings her back into the demon-fighting fold, Mary couldn't be kept down for long, and appeared in various forms throughout Supernatural's 15 season run.

Becoming a series regular for four out of five of the show's final seasons allowed Mary to really transcend her initial sideline status as victim, mother and relic of the past, showing herself to be an equal in skill and determination to her boys, Sam and Dean. She kicked ass and took names, going toe to toe with angels, spirits and even the devil himself (with a set of Enochian brass knuckles, no less).

So, is Mary Winchester really your favourite Supernatural heroine, or just another forgettable face on the way to Sam and Dean's final fate? It's time to find out, with 15 killer questions from her tenure on the show.

1. Who Didn't Kill Her?


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