Supernatural Quotes Quiz: Do These Dean Winchester Quotes Sound Right?

Do these quotes sound Deanish to you?

Supernatural Dean Winchester
The CW

Within the course of 320 episodes, Dean Winchester, the legendary hunter of famous ty series Supernatural, taught us to fight evil and remain loyal to the mission of saving people.

The fans wanted to see Dean and Sam grow old and die together. However, Eric Kripke decided to play with the most delicate feelings of the audience. After surviving Hell, apocalypse and purgatory, Dean died in front of his brother Sam while dealing with an ordinary vampire case breaking everyone's heart for the last time. On the bright side, Dean finally got the peace he deserved - a long ride by the Baby and lots of bear with Bobby until Sam joined him on a bridge.

The audience loved Dean for his courage, quirks and stubborn attitude, the "take charge" approach and caring heart. The righteous man is celebrated for his quotes and eccentric lines even after the end of the series. Well, let's see how well you studied Deano's personality. Can you guess whether these lines are correct or deliberately distorted to confuse you?

1. "Tell Me, Bambi Or Yogi Ever Hunt You Back?"


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