Supernatural Quotes Quiz: Match Dean Winchester's Quote To The Episode

You'll never score 100% on this Dean Winchester quotes quiz!

Supernatural Dean Winchester
The CW

Dean Winchester excelled at many things - hunting, driving, taking care of his little brother Sam, befriending Castiel, saving the world many times and looking hot. Killing vampires, chasing after ghosts and solving paranormal crimes under fake FBI agent names was all part of Dean’s routine. Don’t forget, of course, morning coffee and evening beer. On top of everything the fiercely strong hunter was popular with the ladies and never missed a chance to flirt with cute bartenders or cashiers.

The righteous man’s name spread panic among vampires, demons and other paranormal creatures. Even angels were careful around Dean, while in fact he was a funny badass. Even in the most dangerous situations the Batman of Supernatural made the audience laugh and ease the tension with jokes or weird fears, like being frightened by a cat.

The sarcastic lines of Dean Winchester made every Supernatural scene and every case epic. With that being said, we suggest you go on a Dean Winchester quotes journey with us. Can you remember during which Supernatural episodes did Dean say these hilarious lines?

1. "Tell Me, Bambi Or Yogi Ever Hunt You Back?"


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