Supernatural Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Dean Or Crowley?

As Crowley once said, Dean Winchester completed him.

Supernatural Dean Crowley
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When Jensen Ackles hit our screens as Dean Winchester in the horror TV series Supernatural, no one expected him to switch sides, deviate from the holy mission or collaborate with demons and be connected with the Darkness herself. In fact, Dean enjoyed killing every evil spirit and creature with no glimpse of hesitation unlike his little brother Sam. But the hunter’s life is full of unexpected turnovers.

The most exciting one for Dean and his fans was him tuning into a demon in the ninth season, after accepting the Mark of Cain and becoming addicted to using the First Blade. Jensen Ackles, however for a short period of time, mastered the role of the antagonist. The fans grew fond of this change, as demon Dean was even more sarcastic and arrogant than regular Dean.

But the most striking part of the whole “I am demon” part was the ghostbuster’s friendship with Crowley. Nevertheless, unexpectedly they made quite a team together, making fans face a dilemma – keep seeing Dean with black, furious demon eyes or bring the righteous man back.

Well, let’s see how well you remember Dean and Crowley. Can you differ the King of Hell from the Messenger of God's Destruction from just one line?

1. "That's Fake Me. This Must Be Fake Mine."


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