Supernatural Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Lucifer Or Jack?

Was it Lucifer or his better half?

Lucifer Quiz
The CW

One of the main protagonists of the dark fantasy drama, Supernatural and well the whole world - the Devil - happened to be a messed up archangel with narcissistic personality disorder, serious daddy issues and unsolved childhood problems.

He was introduced as a recurring character in the fifth season, despite hearing a lot about him well before then. He even managed to spread horror in the fourth season, speaking in an incorporeal form before possessing a vessel!

The rebellious and satanic archangel used many vessels - Nick, Sam, Crowley, and even the vessel that Castiel, a powerful angel was using. Ironic isn't it?

Lucifer's embodiment was trouble for the Winchesters and the whole universe. Whenever he was around he created a mess that was hard to clean up. The last critical situation that he created was when he used the President of the United States, Jefferson Roonev as a vessel and had a son.

Surprisingly, Jack, the Nephilim became friends with the legendary hunters and followed Castiel's schooling, very much to Lucifer's disappointment.

Let's see how well you remember Lucifer and his son. Can you match the quote to the celestial character?

1. "You People Misunderstand Me."


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