Supernatural Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Sam Or Rowena?

Was it the Moose or the Redhead witch?

Supernatural Quiz
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While Dean was out forming connections with non-human beings and bonding with vampires in Purgatory, like Benny Lafitte, the scandalous King of Hell, Crowley and the Darkness, Sam didn't waste any time sitting in the bunker, waiting for his brother. The puppy-eyed Winchester grew a weirdly cute friendship with the most cunning natural witch of all the time, Rowena MacLeod.

This made Dean a little jealous, as he assumed that the Witch Bitch considered Sam her protégé. Sam, in his turn, cared for the witch and always had faith in her. Unfortunately, their connection had to end at some point. And end tragically.

Sam unwillingly became the Queen Mother’s executioner. Sam and even Dean were left devastated after Rowena’s sacrifice. The loyal brothers regained peace when they found out that she became the Queen of Hell. Hell never had such a cool monarch.

Well, let’s see if you can tell Rowena and Sam apart by just their quotes alone. Only the biggest Supernatural fans will score 100% on this quiz. Are you up for the challenge?

1. "Hardly The Most Appetising Process In The World, But Killing Demons Always Makes Me Hungry."


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