Supernatural: The Funniest Sam Winchester Quiz On The Internet

How well do you remember Winchester Jumbo Size?

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"Dad's on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a few days..." Maybe for the audience these words raised more questions than they answered, but for Sam Winchester they were enough to start worrying. The real adventure started form that very moment, the adventure that would give Sam and Dean tickets to Hell and Heaven, Purgatory, the Magical Land of Oz and other amazing and horrifying places.

In the process of saving the world, the Winchester brothers lost many people they cared about. The road was long and bloody, however somehow the boys found courage and motivation to continue their mission triumphing over evil and paranormal creatures.

Carrying the huge responsibility on their shoulders, the hunter brothers never lost their humour, which was one of the many weapons against the dark. This included mocking and endless jokes. Although Dean is known to be the goofy one, Sam excelled at sharp comebacks and sarcasm. We loved watching him get into funny situations. Not to mention his height and the haircut that were source of inspiration for funny nicknames and jokes.

Let's see how well you remember the kind-hearted Gigantor and all the funny things related to him.

1. According To Sam, Who Confused Reality With Porn?


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