Supernatural: The Strongest Dean Winchester True Or False Quiz On The Internet

How well do you remember the strongest Squirrel on Earth?

Supernatural Dean
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It takes a lot of courage to face reality, especially a reality with monsters, vampires, ghost and other paranormal creatures. But, as the legendary hunter Dean Winchester griped the concept of authentic and paranormal world since he was a little kid, fighting evil seemed easy for him. The fearless hunter enjoyed killing things that need killing, and last time he checked taking pleasure in that wasn't a crime! Dean served as a strong shield for his family, its values and, of course, his little brother, Sam.

As Sammy was always his responsibility, Dean never had a chance to be a kid himself, to be weak or even sad. His duty made him strong, almost undefeatable. Not to mention the years he spent in Hell.

The Righteous Man was "He Who Must Not Be Named" in the supernatural universe. Every single paranormal creature suffered from his blade, however behind those high and bold walls, stood a sentimental man with a soft heart. Always wanting what he couldn't have, a normal life.

The last episode finally gave the iconic Man of Letters the peace he deserved - driving Impala and listening to his favourite song. How well do you remember the rest of his journey? Let's find out!

1. Dean Killed Azazel, Dick Roman, Abaddon And Lucifer.


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