Supernatural: The Toughest Destiel True Or False Quiz On The Internet

How well do you really know Dean and Castiel?

The CW

Supernatural addicts have been rooting for Destiel since the very first episode of season four. In “Lazarus Rising”, it was revealed that the rescue and resurrection of Dean Winchester and the aftermath was just another holy mission for Castiel, the Angel of Thursday. Moreover, according to Jensen Ackles, Dean wasn't sure that the little nerdy dude with wings could feel human emotions.

However, as the series moved on, Cass proved Dean wrong. Not only did the baby in a trench coat share a profound bond with the righteous man, he also found his true happiness with him at the end of the show. Cass was the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from Perdition, but, for the record, the fearless hunter was the one who changed Castiel: taught him to care about Sam, Jack and the whole world.

Even though the CW’s Supernatural cast and crew denied the existence of Destiel ship, the fandom patiently waited for the Supernatural culmination and that was Cass’ precious goodbye, that provoked brand new topics for debates.

Well, take this quiz and see how much faith you have in Destiel.

1. Castiel Marked Dean's Right Shoulder With The Handprint Of The Angel.


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