Supernatural: The Ultimate Episode Quiz

Are you familiar with Eric Kripke's eccentric episode titles?

Supernatural tv series
The CW

It's fair to say that the Winchester brothers took fans on an extremely long ride. And when we say a long ride, we mean a long ride consisting of 327 episodes that were filled with monsters, demons and angels, spells and weird rituals. But at the end of the road, even the ancient legends and paranormal beings started to sound pretty normal.

Eric Kripke was extremely good at dropping pop culture references every chance he got, mainly from '80s rock bands and movies. You can either find Sam and Dean using fake FBI agent names that sound an awful lot like musicians or spot an episode title almost identical to a famous song.

If Supernatural master, Eric Kripke decided to run one more season of the show, fans wouldn't miss it for the world. Even with Dean and Sam Winchester out of the picture, the episodes and its characters would still be just as gripping!

Let's if you can remember the titles of the Supernatural episodes as well as you can remember Sam and Dean. Are the following episode titles real or fake? Let's find out!

1. Bloody Mary


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