Supernatural: The Ultimate Rowena MacLeod True Or False Quiz

How well do you remember the matriarch of Supernatural?

Supernatural Rowena
The CW

Supernatural sets two different models of a mother. One was a warrior, mentor of monster hunters and a caring mother who made pancakes for her sons. The other prioritised her selfish desires, was afraid of loving her own child and apparently tried to sell him for pigs. However beware of choosing to root for the courageous hunter Mary Winchester and judging the bitchy witch that was Rowena MacLeod, as we guarantee that throughout the series you’ll end up loving her.

As much as we love Crowley and feel empathy for his childhood trauma and parent issues, we cannot underestimate Rowena’s input in the show's success and Winchesters’ triumph. While her mind blowing accent and sarcastic tone made the series even more hilarious, her knowledge of spells and ancient rituals got Sam and Dean out of trouble more than once. Mainly, because she favoured Sammy.

Queen Mother switched sides many times during her time on Supernatural but after her final sacrifice, her betrayals were forgotten. Well, let’s see how well you remember the last known ruler of Hell. Can you detect the fake facts about the beloved redhead from real ones?

1. Rowena Was A Natural Witch.


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