Supernatural: You'll Never Get 100% On This Crowley Quiz

You might need to make a deal with a crossroads demon to pass this quiz.

The CW

For years, Supernatural fans delighted in the devilish antics of Crowley - the crossroads demon turned King of Hell who was the best frenemy of the Winchesters for a good deal of the show's fifteen season run.

Primarily played by the brilliant English actor Mark Sheppard, Crowley was a suave, sarcastic and opportunistic demon who often trod the line between enemy and ally to Sam and Dean. Characterised as a bit of a businessman, Crowley's goals were usually self-serving, using deals and manipulation to garner power for himself.

A fan-favourite character from the get-go, Crowley became an integral part of the show for many years after his debut in Season Five, with his dry humour and wit making him a joy to watch, regardless of what side he was on. What's more, as the series continued, it became increasingly obvious that Crowley held genuine affection for the Winchesters, especially Dean, something which caused no shortage of dissent among his underlings in Hell.

However, despite being such a beloved character, how well do you really know Crowley? With an incredibly long run of episodes under his belt, you'd be forgiven for forgetting some details. Time to put your knowledge to the test!

1. What Was Crowley's Name As A Human?


Just a socially awkward geek from Down Under who spends most of his time in some fantasy world or another. Usually seen accompanied by a bow tie.