Supernatural: You'll Never Get 100% On This John Winchester Quiz

How much do you really remember about the Winchesters' father?

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Following fifteen engaging, emotional, and extraordinary seasons, Supernatural reached its conclusion in November 2020, bringing an end to Sam and Dean Winchester's journey to hunt various supernatural beings.

A show as celebrated as Supernatural is always going to come packed with various supporting characters, though, an area that Eric Kripke's brainchild certainly didn't lack in. The likes of Castiel, Crowley, Bobby Singer, and Jody Mills contributed to this, but arguably one of the series' most divisive characters was John Winchester.

Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, keeping the fans' opinion divided over him merely benefitted his character. Though critics of the show blasted him for certain motivations towards Sam and Dean, his acting throughout was typically superlative. His speech to Dean in season two's In My Time Of Dying is what cements that episode as one of the series' greatest; it was a genuinely emotional scene, as John finally told Dean that he was proud of him.

Though he only appeared in thirteen episodes of the CW series, there's plenty to learn about John Winchester. He's a diverse guy, one that only the top Supernatural fans can know every detail about.

Answers at the end!

1. What Did John Used To Work As?


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