Teen Wolf: 10 Best Supporting Characters

Without these characters, things wouldn't have been quite as cool in Beacon Hills.


Teen Wolf is a great show because of the fantastic characters who inhabit it. From Scott McCall to Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale to Lydia Martin, the main players are all wonderful creations - brilliantly acted, well written and mostly very endearing.

But there are so many characters outside of the main gang. These supporting faces help flesh out the story, create added tension and build the world of Beacon Hills to new, immersive heights. Some of these characters aren't good guys, either, which makes the whole thing all the more exciting.

What's most interesting about the following sidekicks and villains, though, is how much they change throughout their run on the show. Whether they started evil and became allies by the end of their run, or were once young and innocent before the supernatural world enveloped them, all of the following characters have one hell of an arc on the show.

From the psychopathic werewolves, amoral hunters and virtuous good guys who just want to keep their friends safe against all odds, here are the 10 greatest supporting characters who appeared on Teen Wolf.

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