Teen Wolf Or Riverdale Quiz: Who Said It - Stiles Or Jughead?

Can you tell Jughead Jones and Stiles Stilinski apart from these quotes alone?

jughead stiles

Riverdale and Teen Wolf are definitely two of the most popular supernatural teenage shows around.

Based in a small mysterious town focusing on a group of high school teenagers, the two shows might have different dynamics, but the crux of the foundational storyline and character arcs resonate a lot of similarities.

Jughead Jones and Stiles Stilinski are two characters that are very similar. Snarky and nerdy, these two characters with their sardonic humour and pop culture references defect more weirdness than their bizarre names.

Both Jughead and Stiles are fan favourites and are known for providing their respective best friends with the compassion, honesty, help and tough love they often need, making them arguably the most efficient characters on those shows.

These lovable goofs have had some iconic lines over the years and with such similar backgrounds, the quotes can often seem identical. So, here's a quiz to test the fans of these two iconic characters. Can you tell Jughead and Stiles apart from these quotes alone? Only a true Riverdale and Teen Wolf fan can score 100% on this quiz!

Answers are the end!

1. “In Case You Haven’t Noticed, I’m Weird."


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