Teen Wolf Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The First Episode?

How well do you really know Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and the rest of the gang?

Teen Wolf

When Teen Wolf first aired in 2011, it brought with it so much hype. Based on the 1985 cult classic movie of the same name, it provided viewers with drama, romance, and a hell of a lot of werewolves.

Across ten seasons and exactly one-hundred episodes, we got to know Scott McCall and his friends pretty well. We got to learn that Stiles was the joker of the group. Allison was the typical girl next door. And Lydia was the manipulative one. They each had their own role and their personalities bounced off each other perfectly.

As much as they may have been young and naive at the beginning of the series, Scott and his friends changed significantly over the years. The question we're asking today is, just how closely were you paying attention? You may remember the most recent seasons the best, but what about that very first season? More specifically, the very first episode of Teen Wolf?

Prove that you're Teen Wolf's biggest fan by scoring 100% on this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Title Of The Very First Episode?


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