Teen Wolf Quiz: What's My Last Line?

There's a thin line of mountain ash between right and wrong. Which side do you fall?

Teen Wolf Stiles And Lydia

As a 1985 comedy film about a basketball playing werewolf, Teen Wolf seemed like one of the oddest properties to be turned into a teen drama.

When the 2011 series arrived, it seemed to want little to do with the films it was based on, swapping out basketball and Michael J Fox for lacrosse and abs as far as the eye could see.

And yet the show soon grew beyond both its humble beginnings and the films that spawned it. Characters who had first seemed shallow, were fleshed out in some truly surprising storylines and they filled out what was fast becoming a surprisingly deep and well-thought-out other-worldly universe.

Soon, even those who’d scoffed at the premise soon found themselves fans, following the trials and tribulations of Scott’s growing pack of supernatural beings.

When the end came, designed as it was to signify that the pack’s stories were far from over, it seemed too soon. Many favourites spoke their final lines without fans realising they’d never be seen again. It’s only the true alphas who will be able to remember the last thing said by every character.

Answers at the end!

1. Stiles Stilinski


After hearing that you are what you eat, Mik took a good hard look at his diet and realised he might just be a szechuan spare rib alongside prawn fried rice.