Teen Wolf Quiz: Who Said It - Stiles Or Dylan O'Brien?

Was it the character fans love dearly or the actor himself?

stiles and dylan

If there’s one character in Teen Wolf known for their hilarious quips and nerdy charm, it’s Stiles Stilinski. And if a personality twin exists for Stiles, it has to be actor Dylan O’Brien, who portrayed Stiles for six seasons. One of the rare perfect castings of recent times, Dylan struck the perfect tone for Stiles - whether in being the goofy nerd or setting #BFF goals with Scott. Stiles has become a fan-favourite, and so has Dylan.

Starting as an aspiring YouTuber and earning fame through Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner franchise, Dylan's journey is a charming one, but not more charming than the actor himself. And the same could be said about his character Stiles from Teen Wolf. Nerdy, awkward, hilarious, adorable and a great friend, both the actor and character are too similar and pretty much the living embodiment of our spirit animal.

Watching hours of Dylan O’Brien's YouTube videos and scrapping through a Stiles compilation makes it harder to distinguish them and puts us in awe of their geeky charisma and relatable goofiness. Surely these two are cut from the same cloth and here's a quiz to test even the hardcore fans. Can you tell these two fan-favourite goofs from their quotes alone? Was it the actor or was it the character?

Answers at the end!

1. "I'm 147 Pounds Of Pale Skin And Fragile Bones; Sarcasm Is My Only Defense."


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