Teen Wolf Quiz: Who Said It - Stiles, Scott Or Allison?

Which one of our favourite Teen Wolf characters said it?


It's safe to say that Teen Wolf is a seriously underrated piece of TV drama that made an unforgettable impression on fans during its time on the air and continues to gather traction on streaming services.

The beloved teen drama/sci-fi series is an incredibly dark reinvention of the 1985 comedy film of the same name. And even though the movie was a critical disaster, the show pulled it all off brilliantly. Clocking around two million viewers a season, the MTV series did really good for a show advertised as a teen drama about werewolves.

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer before it, Teen Wolf remained all about the people and the trials and tribulations of growing up... only, you know, with werewolves, banshees, assassins, hellhounds and 25/30-year-old's pretending to be teenagers.

Undoubtedly one of the stronger shows of its nature, it coupled the teen drama with compelling mythology and strong writing, giving fans an array of relatable characters. Scott, Stiles and Allison surely come to mind. With such compelling story arcs and a likeable cast, the trio are surely a fan-favourite and have been an integral part of the story since day one. So, here's a quiz to celebrate these three friends and their epic journey.

Can you tell Scott, Stiles and Allison apart from these quotes alone?

Answers at the end!!!

1. "I Want A Semi-Freaking Normal Life."


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