Teen Wolf: The Impossible Stiles Stilinski Quiz

Was Stiles Stilinkski your favourite Teen Wolf character? Okay then - prove it.

Teen Wolf Stiles

It's been four years since Teen Wolf graced our screens but its fanbase, the Wolf Pack, shows no signs of wavering their loyalty. Following the airing of the pilot on 5 June 2011, Teen Wolf became a certified hit and is considered to be one of MTV's best produced shows.

The show had everything you could possibly want - supernatural beings, mystical intrigue, and cliff hangers galore. Perhaps most importantly though, Teen Wolf had memorable characters that you couldn't help but obsess over.

Prior to his stint as Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf, Dylan O'Brien was relatively unknown - unless you were a fan of his comedy YouTube videos - but he soon proved his acting chops and became a quick fan favourite.

From Stiles' characterising goofy moments - providing levity amidst the never-ending supernatural chaos - to his stint as the murderous 'Void Stiles,' Dylan O'Brien showed that he could do it all.

Take to the internet and you'll find endless character compilations on YouTube and streams of edits on Tumblr. So you claim to be a Stiles Stilinksi fan too? Let's see if you're truly deserving of your place in the Wolf Pack.

1. What Is Stiles' Real Name?


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