Teen Wolf: The Toughest Stiles Stilinski Quiz On The Internet

Only Stiles himself could score 100% on this Teen Wolf quiz!

Teen Wolf Stiles

Scott McCall may have spent six seasons saving Beacon Hills from the supernatural terrors that lurked beneath it but it's pretty clear that he would never have gotten that far without Stiles. It's common knowledge that every small town hero needs a quirky small town best friend with an affinity for conspiracy theories and the downright weird and it doesn't get better than the one and only Stiles Stilinski.

From gleefully taking part in capers that anyone else would have run from to having Scott's back on every mission, no matter how bizarre, Stiles thrived in circumstances that a mere mortal living in Beacon Hills should not have. And he quipped, joked and quirked his way to overcoming the odds on every given occasion.

Perhaps the most popular character on the show, Stiles was as much a fixture of Teen Wolf as the titular character and it's no surprise that the beloved character ended up making a household name out of Dylan O'Brien.

That being said, just how well do you know him? Can you recall all of Stiles' clumsy quirks or will this quiz end up leaving you feeling a little more like void Stiles instead? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Episodes Did Stiles Appear In In Season 6, Part 2?






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