The Big Bang Theory: 20 Behind The Scenes Images You Need To See

It's all fun and selfies on set of The Big Bang Theory.

With season 9 on the horizon, The Big Bang Theory stands proud as one of the longest running live-action sitcoms on our TV screens. First airing way back in 2007, it took only two seasons before The Big Bang Theory would rank as CBS's highest rated show. Back in May, the series finale of season 8 saw 14.6 million viewers tune in to watch the heart-breaking breakup between Amy and Sheldon which no doubt made every viewer shed a tear, whilst Penny and Leonard ran off to Vegas to get married. As we await to see how these cliff-hangers turn out, we could do much worse than spending some time seeing what these seven (mostly) nerds get up to when they€™re not in front of a live audience. We€™ve seen them as Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette but lets take a look behind the scenes with Johnny, Jim, Kaley, Kunal, Simon, Mayim and Melissa and see what goes on behind closed curtains.

20. Meet The Cast And Crew


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