The Big Bang Theory - 5 Things We Love About Series 7 So Far

Bigbanggang The conclusion to AMC's hit-show Breaking Bad may have left us all with a blank expanse in our TV schedules, but don't despair, because the Big Bang Theory is back over in the States. The popular Chuck Lorre-created sitcom has returned for a seventh season and, three episodes in, is happily just as hilarious as it ever has been. Featuring Sheldon Cooper, his reluctant flatmate Leaonard Hofstadter, cute neighbour next door Penny and friends Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette, it's almost as if our favourite gang of geeks have never been away. Though actually, they have, particularly Leonard, who is just returning from an expedition to the North Sea where he has been testing hydrodynamic simulations for Dr Stephen Hawking. Season 7's primary focus is on the rest of his friends and how they coped in his absence, with some beautifully touching moments in the aptly-titled opening episode, the "The Hofstadter Insufficiency". There's a lot to like about the seventh season so far, and here, we run through 5 Things We Love.

5. Leonard's Facial Fungus

Bigbangbeard The last time Leonard went away, in season three, when he and the rest of the gang went on an expedition to the Arctic Circle, he (and perhaps more comically, Sheldon) returned with big bushy beards. Lorre used the same humour in the season 7 opener with Leonard once again returning with a thick mantle of facial fungus, though it was quickly shaved off quite soon after. This look really suits him, making him look brooding and mysterious, which is a nice break from his clean-shaven nerd persona. We'd like to see more of the facial hair, particularly as Leonard is arguably the less geeky of the gang considering he has an active sex life and a stunning girlfriend. Maybe this can be reflected more in his appearance.

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