The Big Bang Theory Finale: 9 Biggest Questions It Leaves Behind

Where do our beloved geeks go from here?


It's been two weeks since The Big Bang Theory aired its final episodes, leaving behind it a plethora of memories, moments, and awards. While the show had its fair share of critics, you can't even begin to doubt the success the show had since bursting on to the sitcom scene in September 2007.

Throughout the 279 episodes that aired, viewers felt just about every emotion there is to feel. The impeccable writing combined with the superb cast made the show what it was, allowing it to feel as relatable to real life as possible. We all know someone similar to Sheldon - that one annoying friend who you actually love deep down.

Now that the show has come to an end though, there's a chance to reflect and think about some of the questions that will be left unanswered as the show fades to black for good. Even though the series ended with many queries receiving that all-important answer (e.g. Penny taking Leonard's last name, the elevator being fixed, etc.), new questions have risen.

Obviously, these new ones will have to be left to our imagination seeing as TBBT is finished. But isn't that one of the best parts? There's no right or wrong answer - only what we want to happen inside our own heads.


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