The Big Bang Theory: Most Detailed Sheldon Cooper True Or False Quiz

How well do you remember the the skinny of The Big Bang Theory ?

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper is a complex fella, even though his roommate Leonard thinks that he doesn't have a personality and instead simply has some TV shows that he likes. In fairness, Sheldon does love Doctor Who, although he absolutely hates Babylon 5. Played by Jim Parsons, the character is fond of flags, trains and monkeys - is petrified of birds, of course - and he even has a song for times of sickness. On top of that, Sheldon also loves rules, agendas and agreements.

This is the information that is well familiar to the regular audience of The Big Bang Theory. As Sheldon has an opinion on every single thing and is quirky and high maintenance, though it's hard to remember all the atoms that travelled 14 billion years through time and space to create his spices.

Even his roommate would fail on a test on Sheldon Cooper, as we watched Leonard make so many basic mistakes, such as adjusting the temperature of the apartment or covering himself in an apartment flag. To this day, he does not know about Sheldon's secret storage. That secret is safe with Amy and the fans.

So, let's see how much of a fan you are. Can you score full marks on this Sheldon "Danfer" Cooper quiz?

Answers at the end!

1. Sheldon Cooper's Middle Name Is Lee.


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