The Big Bang Theory: Not Even Amy Could Find The Odd One Out In This Sheldon Cooper Quiz

How well do you really remember Sheldon Cooper?

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory has been off air now for over two years. The final season was watched by over 17 million fans. We got to see Dr. Sheldon Cooper and wife Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler presented with the Nobel Prize in Physics. It was a very emotional moment for both fans and the cast members alike.

Sheldon started the show as a socially awkward, highly intelligent young man who couldn't understand the concept of sarcasm. With the help of neighbour and soon to be close friend Penny, he was slowly able to build a stronger relationship with his friends and even meet the woman of his dreams.

Amy Farrah Fowler kept Sheldon's feet on the ground. She wasn't scared to call him out when he was being selfish and mean. Without her, who knows how Sheldon would have turned out.

Everyone has their favourite Big Bang Theory character, whether it's Penny and her sweet naivety or Raj and his constant need to be loved by just about anyone. If it was Sheldon Cooper however, then you have definitely come to the right place. The show wouldn't have been as successful without Jim Parson's portrayal of Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, but just how well do you remember his character?

Can you correctly identify the odd one out?

Answers at the end!

1. Nicknames


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