The Big Bang Theory Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It – Penny Or Amy Santiago?

Brooklyn 99 & Big Bang Theory quiz - Penny and Santiago have more similarities than you think.


Once Friends bid farewell to TV audiences, The Big Bang Theory was the show that eventually stepped up to become the go-to dominant force in sitcom television. And while Big Bang became must-see programming for so many people across its whopping 12 seasons, one other sitcom that quietly began to amass its own passionate fan base was the antics of the 99 crew in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

If you’re one of those avid fans of sitcom television, chances are you’ll have become obsessed with both The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And if so, this is just the quiz for you.

When looking at these two fan favourite shows, two particularly popular characters are Kaley Cuoco’s Penny and Melissa Fumero’s Sergeant Amelia Santiago.

You may think that Penny and Santiago are totally different sorts of characters, but you’d be surprised by how many similarities the pair share – which is why this quiz is far harder than one may initially think.

With that in mind, then, it’s time to decide which character said which of the following lines – was it Penny or was it Amy Santiago?

1. “I Do Wanna Fling My Poop At Her.”


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