The Big Bang Theory Or Community Quiz: Who Said It - Sheldon Cooper Or Abed Nadir?

Was it Greendale's meta-joke king or Caltech's flag enthusiast?

Abed Nadir and Sheldon Cooper Who Said It?

Establishing a link between these shows is fascinating, as they are polar opposites yet so similar. One is an overly energetic and goofy sitcom based in a community college. The other is a long-running comedy series that follows the exploits of a group of genius nerd friends. They are so close, yet so far from each other regarding their characters, stories and concepts.

Within both of the shows comes a character who steals almost every scene they're in. Whether it's by making everyone uncomfortable with their social misunderstandings or charming the audience with their innocence and quick wit, Sheldon Cooper and Abed Nadir have become the front runners of their respective franchises.

Both of the characters are popular because they deliver jokes and character development that is so far removed from what you would typically see in the sitcom format.

It's easy to see how you could mix up their quotes, as there's a large amount of crossover between them in relation to their interests, opinions, thoughts and feelings. Even if you think yourself a true fan of the pair, you might still struggle to sort the "Cool, cool, cool" from the "Bazinga!".

1. "It Could Kill Us To Meet New People. They Could Be Murderers Or The Carriers Of Unusual Pathogens."


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