The Big Bang Theory Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It – Penny Or Rachel?

Was it Kaley Cuoco’s Penny or Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green who said these famous lines?


The Big Bang Theory and Friends are the two very best sitcoms of the modern era.

That’s clearly an extremely bold statement to make, yet it’s one that absolutely rings true. Whether you look at longevity, ratings, the piercing of mainstream pop culture or even the stupidly big paydays those shows’ casts were making at one point in time, nothing in TV history is able to top Big Bang and Friends.

While both series were ones that revolved around a phenomenal ensemble, two obvious standouts in their respective shows were Kaley Cuoco’s Penny and Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel.

If you think back to your favourite moments from The Big Bang Theory and Friends, there’s a good chance that Penny and Rachel will be front-and-centre in those scenes and dialogue exchanges.

Both extremely similar but with clear differences, how well do you think you can tell the difference between these two fan favourite characters? Hopefully extremely well, for here’s a quiz that’s perfect for those of you who are fans of both The Big Bang Theory and Friends, as we ask who said it – was it Penny or was it Rachel?!

1. I Wasn’t Supposed To Put Beef In The Trifle!


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