The Big Bang Theory Or Friends Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Amy Or Rachel?

This quiz will change your perception of Ray Ray and Vixen!

Friends The Big Bang Theory

When The Big Bang Theory first hit our screens, we were a little confused. The characters differed from other sitcom protagonists with their academic background and indoorsy lifestyle. Not to mention the terminology that can push you to google many words and phrases!

Fortunately, within the development of the series and its storyline, fans got used to the high level physics' jokes and lectures finding themselves in a comfort zone where they started to draw parallels with the classic sitcom Friends. Did the show have an on and off relationship like Ross and Rachel? Yes. Did both shows end leaving one of the heroes single? Affirmative. However, while Friends' outsider was Rachel Green with her exquisite fashion style, The Big Bang Theory introduced the audience to a weird neurobiologist with zero sense of fashion, Amy Farrah Fowler.

While in high school Amy had her lunch with the janitor, Rachel was "Miss Popularity" despite the horrible rumour spread by the "I hate Rachel Green Club".

It seems like these two incredible characters have nothing in common and distinguishing their quotes would be a complete doddle. But, let's not jump into conclusions and give this quiz a fair shake. Who said the following quotes - Princess Bubbleyum and Tiger or Princess Corn-cob?

1. "And That, My Friends, Is What You Call Closure."


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