The Big Bang Theory Or Friends Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Priya Or Emily?

Was it the woman from England or India?

Friends The Big Bang Theory

Almost every character of decadely famous Friends was loved by viewers all over the world. This canon applied not only to the phenomenal Manhattan sextet, but also to the secondary characters and short cameo appearances. Like Susan and Carol, Gunther, Richard Burke, the Green sisters and even the box of annoying compliments, Parker. However, there was one character that received nothing but hostility, making its actress refuse to return in the final season. Yes, we are talking about Emily portrayed by Helen Baxendale.

Not only was the British girl not loved by the strict audience, but she also failed to blend in with Ross’ friends. As Joey once said - “We all hate Emily”. Well, this was a little unfair Joe, provided that your friend humiliated the poor girl in front of her family. But who wants justice when the price we’d pay would have been Rachel’s absence?

Same goes with Priya from The Big Bang Theory. A perfectly nice girl from a foreign land that made Sheldon crazy and Penny jealous. The BBT fans hated to see Sheldon lose so badly and Penny feel so insecure.

Well, let’s see if you can remember the quotes of two women that put Rachel’s and Penny’s love life under danger. Who said it - Ross’ wife with a capturing British accent or exotic lawyer from the Big Bang Theory?

1. "It's Perfectly In Keeping With A Trip Where I’ve Been Run Down By One Of Your Weiner Carts.”


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