The Big Bang Theory Or It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Said It - Penny Or Dee?

Was it "Penny, Penny, Penny" or the "big, dumb, flightless bird"?

The Big Bang Theory It's Always Sunny

The Big Bang Theory and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are two shows you don't see compared very often. One is a goofy series about geeks navigating their love lives, filled with awkwardness, fandom and pop culture references. The other is a crass and vulgar show about a bunch of sociopaths running a bar in Philly, full of inappropriate gags and gross-out humour. However, while they might not be the closest shows on paper, there are some things that can be connected between the two.

They've both got great casts, strong writing, a long-lasting legacy and a pair of sarcastic, hilarious aspiring actresses. That last point is why you're here today. Penny and Dee are two people who would make for a hilarious meet-up.

Penny is a cool, sweet and fun girl who brings some excitement into TBBT, whereas Dee is a gross, awkward and arrogant person who is the butt of all the jokes in Always Sunny. Despite their differences, they share a lot in common.

So, let's see if you can sort between the two, as some of their best quotes could have come from either of them.

1. "I've Had A Rough Day! I'm At The End Of My Ropes! If I'm Being Honest."


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