The Big Bang Theory Or Teen Wolf Quiz: Who Said It - Howard Or Stiles?

Which sarcastic genius said it?

The Big Bang Theory Teen Wolf

In every group, there's always one person who tries to avoid emotions through sarcastic comments, often making them the centre of the group's jokes and running gags. They are also the ones with hidden trauma and, whenever put in a barely similar position, try to avoid the situation using humour as a defence mechanism. Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory and Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf are two TV characters that surely fit the description.

Funny, affable, sarcastic and a bit insecure, both Stiles and Howard have unresolved parent issues and thus a difficult childhood. They are both bad at relationships, always want the girl way out of their league, and have a best friend they constantly ridicule. Besides their shortcomings, things are way more entertaining when they are around.

Both characters never fail to make fans laugh with their awkward and goofy vibe. Always equipped with a feisty zinger, they're definitely someone you'd want at your party! The two fan-favourite goofs boast a long lineup of legendary quips, and die-hard fans might think they know everything there is to know about Stiles and Howard. Can you distinguish which sarcastic genius said what?

1. "I’m 147 Pounds Of Pale Skin And Fragile Bones; Sarcasm Is My Only Defence."


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